We have a responsibility.  A purpose.  A gift.  And that is to help and assist in taking skateboarding to a level that was unimaginable. 


Since 2WENTY2  was born over 3 years ago, we have been very patient about building the team.  Now the time has come.  The time we began the ..."loading" process.


The last thing we want you guys to worry about is wood quality and what woodshop we use.  And prior COVID its always been BBS direct but now due to the extended waiting periods, which we can't afford to be involved with caused by COVID and other things happening out there, we are forced to use a few of the other reputable woodshops like Prime and PS Stixx.  We assure you, that no matter these hard times or what goes on, that we will always produce top notch quality products and craftsmanship even if we are having to jump around woodshops for now to make it happen in a timely manner.