22WET💦 is a water-base application that is actually less dense (lighter) than Lacquer.  You'll find Lacquer on just about any deck today.  For years, Lacquer served as a mild sealant, a gloss medium, and is often used during graphic application transfer processes on non-slick skateboard decks.  22WET💦 adds next level protection while leveling up on aesthetic and performance, sliding further and faster while never breaching O.E.M deck size to weight ratios nor tampering with integrity.  The signature water-base solution has been strategically tested and backed by an immensely long nineteen year profession working closely with technology driven, high end paints, solvents, and other non-aggressive chemicals. With one of the main focus closley guided away from some of the harsh solvents like you find company's applying on decks today.  We packed all this into a undeniable, one of a kind finish.  A fresh new look on film, visually & in performance.  A complete new vibe, and you feel it the minute you began setting up a freshy.

As skaters, the we don't like new stuff.  The gimmicks never
last.  There's a extremely fine line to respect and adhere too when it comes to enhancing a board.  One of the longest lasting examples of this lasted over a decade and now today we rarely see any Slicks.  Their just too heavy.  The pop would literally disappear by day 2.  This is not a Slick!  Another example of this that has been going around, one I could almost be a fan of. However, no matter how ingenious swapping out one or two veneers with carbon fiber sheets may seem, we still find a unnatural imbalance that robs the organics of a seven ply, Hard-rock Canadian Maple deck.  They just soon go slap a big holographic sticker on the bottom of a board and call it a graphic.  If it's not the actual paint in the graphic doing the work, sorry chap, you didn't pull it off.  Better luck next year!  I might as well throw some Bible pages in-between the ply's during production cause God damn!

22WET💦 and the applications 2WENTY2 applies into all our
graphics and applications now and in the years to come, will always be between those extremely fine lines of what is really acceptable to us.  We are certainly the only company on the planet producing this application.  Each deck is done in-house, very carefully, by hand, one by one...

...and it's here to stay.